Monthly Archives: January 2019

Motionographer Stunning stop-motion in this Oscar shortlisted film

Posted January 31, 2019 by Joe Donaldson The 2019 Oscar shortlisted animated short films were recently announced and while there is loads of amazing work in the selection, we were amazed by Lost & Found directed by Andrew Goldsmith & Bradley Slabe. Lost & Found tells the simple story of two stuffed animals in love. The story […]

Motionographer Microsoft Icons | Brand Film

Tendril From the creator: Microsoft has paid incredible attention to detail in the design of the Office Suite and Surface hardware products. That same unique, thoughtful design thinking has extended into the design of the Office icons. Every corner radius and angle has meaning and purpose, aimed at enhancing the user experience. Tendril collaborated closely […]

Motionographer Google Imagery – Case Study

Gunner From the creator: We teamed up with Google, to reimagine how imagery could be unified across their hardware. Creating core design principles based on simplicity and abstraction, we developed a visual language that allowed us to depict their many devices and states, explain app features, and guide users’ interactions. More info here: Directed […]

Motionographer Introducing Bullpen and the art of going it on your own

Over the past decade or so, the number of large legacy studios has steadily decreased. If you compare then to now, it’s mainly the same names, just fewer of them. As the industry has shifted, we’ve seen many individuals and small teams put on their entrepreneurial caps and test their business acumen as they go […]

Motionographer SNCF Flowers by Caravane

Eddy From the creator: We are glad to reveal our latest production for SNCF directed by Caravane, the newly signed duo. French flower stylist Garance Du Nord provided over 50 species for the film entirely shot on studio, for real. The blossoming sequences, recorded frame by frame on stop-motion, were a real challenge: around 14 […]

Motionographer Strava // Year In Sport

Giant Ant From the creator: We were very very excited when Stink Studios brought us in to this year’s #yearinsport project for Strava. We created 20 code-driven, customizable scenes designed to be remixed to best express a specific Strava user’s data in a 75 second year-end film. So far over 2 million unique films have […]