Motionographer SOLIPSISM Teaser

Tuna Bora

From the creator:

Directed by: Tuna Bora & Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Written by: Tuna Bora
Animators: Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Nelson Boles, Vincent Tsui, Mohamed Fadera
Designs & Backgrounds: Tuna Bora
Compositors: Stéphane Coëdel, Sarah Blank
Storyboards: Tuna Bora & Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Foley & Sound Design: Sam Plattner
Re-recording Mixer: Owen Granich-Young
Music: Niv Bavarsky
Executive Producer: Tuna Bora
Production Companies: Frengers LLC, ModerneJazz

Based on a preexisting illustration series by Tuna Bora.

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