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Motionographer Dani’s Journey

STATE From the creator: Some kids face monster challenges. ‘Dani’s Journey’ highlights some of those struggles from the POV of 8-year-old student, Dani. Part of the solution: Concordia University’s ‘3toPhD’ program offering new approaches through holistic education.In bringing these metaphorical monsters to life, San Francisco giants, Pereira O’Dell, searched high-and-low for a suitable creative partner. […]

Motionographer ItemEyes Sticker Pack

Jimmy Simpson From the creator: A series of 15 stickers available on instagram stories and snapchat commissioned by Giphy. The characters were inspired by the cast of the Brave Little Toaster. Freddy Arenas helped put together a Pee Wee’s Playhouse inspired shoot to document my characters in their natural habitat. Kevin Fallon (aka Falside) created […]

Motionographer Showcase: Mate?

Posted March 6, 2019 by Joe Donaldson In this Motionographer showcase, we’re focusing on yet another amazing collaborative film. Directed by and featuring an all-star cast of artists, “Mate?” is centered around a shared affection for this beloved beverage. From In today’s world, we share everything in the social media, but in Latin America we share everything […]

Motionographer We Fueled This City By Andy Baker

In celebration of its 20-year anniversary, Seamless teamed up with Hornet’s Andy Baker and BBH NY to create an epic homage to New York City. The film is scored with a rewritten version of Starship’s “We Built This City” more aptly named “We Fueled This City.” Packed full of shout outs, Easter eggs and moments […]