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Joanna Quinn Premiere ‘Affairs of the Art’ Takes Clermont-Ferrand Prize | Animation Magazine

Chief Joanna Quinn and maker/screenwriter Les Mills’ new vivified short film accomplishment Affairs of the Art has won the 2021 Award for Best Animation at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. The primary co-creation between Beryl Productions International and National Film Board of Canada, the hand-drawn film was introduced as a world debut among the 78 movies in the worldwide rivalry.

With Affairs of the Art, Quinn and Mills proceed with the arrangement of adored, amusing and grant winning vivified U.K. films featuring “Beryl,” a 59-year-old assembly line laborer who’s fixated on attracting and resolved to turn into a hyper-futurist artiste. We additionally meet her developed child, Colin, a techno nerd; her significant other, Ifor, presently Beryl’s model and dream; and her sister, Beverly, an obsessive narcissist living in L.A. Undertakings of the Art gives looks into Beryl’s, Beverly’s and Colin’s curious childhoods, and we see that fixation is in this current family’s DNA.

The French film festival awarded its National Competition animation prize to Souvenir Souvenir by Bastien Dubois. See all the 2021 award winners of Clermont-Ferrand here.

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