Motionographer Bottled Up and the importance of collaborative projects

Editor’s note: The motion design community is home to countless collaborations and thankfully, each year we all get to benefit from the fruit of this labor. Throughout the years, we’ve seen these collaborations cover a wide gamut of topics from advocacy films, to films which dive into deep topics, to politics, and even projects whose sole intent […]

Motionographer Last Man

Gunner From the creator: In memory of coloring at the kitchen table comes this intergalactic thriller, which according to our crayons is what really happens in space. Animation: Ryan Boyes, Marcus BakkeColoring: Collin Leix, Ian Sigmon, John Hughes, Nick Forshee, Marcus Bakke, Andy MostAudio: Ambrose Yu, Marcus Bakke Uploaded on Oct 18, 2018 • Posted […]

Motionographer Showcase: Don’t Ever Let Go

Posted October 18, 2018 by Joe Donaldson Today we’re happy to share the trailer for Don’t Ever Let Go, a new film by Fabian Molina created with an amazing team! Don’t Ever Let Go is currently fundraising and are super close to their goal. You can find out more on their website. Please consider helping to make […]

Motionographer A&E – Biography: Chris Rock

STATE From the creator: Today, comedian Kamau Bell needs little introduction. But once upon a time, in a dingy comedy club far-far away, Chris Rock took unknown comedian Kamau under his mythical comedy wings…and things were never the same again… For more awesomeness and credits, go to: Tags: 2D animation, cel animation, motion graphics […]

Motionographer Catching up with Erin Sarofsky

It’s conference season and the amazing events and festivities are drawing nearer with each day. Case in point: the upcoming FITC Ideas in Motion conference in Toronto this year. FITC has been known to host amazing events jam-packed with presentations, talks, and parties, no less. This year is no exception with amazing guests such as Mike […]

Motionographer Low Lumens – Still Trying

Samm Hodges From the creator: This music video began as a live visual/music collaboration with my good friend, Danny Bracken ( Low Lumens). I hate words like ‘meditation,’ but there’s something here about destruction and preservation, about looking for hope without hiding from the consequences of our actions. Visuals are entirely computer generated, but created […]

Motionographer MINI – Created in a Countryman

Kirsten Lepore From the creator: Did a piece for Mini’s Created in a Countryman campaign. Everything was actually built and animated inside the trunk of a Mini. Produced by PrettybirdDP: Eric AdkinsWritten/directed/fabricated/animated: Kirsten Lepore Tags: Car, Stop-motion Uploaded on Oct 01, 2018 • Posted here October 4, 2018 by Joe Donaldson Source link

Change Begins With Your State

PepRally From the creator: Future Now is a new political organization focused on elections at the state level. We worked closely with their founders and board to create a video to spread the word about their efforts, specifically how national change starts at the local level. Learn more: Direction: PepRally Design: Erica Gorochow Animation: […]