Motionographer ŻUBROFFKA 2018 || International Short Film Festival Intro

ala nunu leszynska From the creator: I had a pleasure to create an intro for the 13th edition of Żubroffka International Short Film Festival 🙂Music by Ansso An : by Izabela Sroka : supervision by Kijek/Adamski : Tags: 2d, 2D animation, cel animation, experimental, festival Uploaded on Nov 27, 2018 • Posted […]

Motionographer Pause 2019 Motion Response

Pause Fest From the creator: The relationship humans have with technology is being redefined, and the divide betweenhumans and machines is getting increasingly narrower. We set off to explore thisrelationship from an intimate angle. Subtle. Suggestive. Elegant. Powerful.We did so by introducing a set of unconnected scenes that indirectly represent what goes oninside one’s body […]

Motionographer Dance, Dance Evolution

Aeon Video From the creator: Dance seems to be the ultimate frivolity. How did it become a human necessity? Directed and Animated by Rosanna Wan and Andrew Khosravani. Produced by Kellen Quinn. More on this video: more on Aeon: Uploaded on Nov 19, 2018 • Posted here December 13, 2018 by Joe […]

Motionographer MS Office 365 | Brand Film

Tendril From the creator: Office is used by over 1 billion people around the world, daily. Across a vast spectrum of industries, cultures, and generations, and devices. Tendril was approached to concept and create a film for the Microsoft Ignite Conference that showcased the simple, powerful, and intelligent UI/UX of the new Office 365 Suite. […]

Motionographer Looking back, moving on…

Editor’s note: It’s with a heavy heart that I present you with Justin Cone’s last Motionographer post. It’s hard to measure Justin’s impact on our industry in these past 12 years. While I may be biased, I’d wager that you’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s done more for our medium, industry, and our community as a whole. While […]

Motionographer Erste Group ‘First Christmas’

Passion Animation Studios From the creator: Directed by Kyra & Constantin ‘First Christmas’ is a love story told in beautiful animation with woodland characters spreading the message. We follow Henry the Hedgehog as he starts at a new school. His spikes make it hard for him to fit in but luckily he has a friend, […]

Motionographer Obscure

Joyce N. Ho From the creator: My contribution to Animography’s ongoing motion project: ‘A word, a week’. Inspired by our beloved cosmic companion, the moon, I created this to reference the celestial maps that we used to draw to chart our position amongst the stars. Word, design & animation: Joyce N. Ho ( design: Alabaster […]