Motionographer Missouri Lottery

Nexus Studios From the creator: Nexus Studios presents ‘Cause an Effect’ directed by Johnny Kelly for Missouri Lottery. Johnny Kelly’s typically tactile animated spots for Missouri Lottery depict a miniature academic universe inside a lottery vending machine, to show how profits help to fund the state’s public education systems. The entirely CG sequences show a […]

Motionographer The New Yorker Festival

Nicolo Bianchino From the creator: Titles for The New Yorker Festival. This year’s theme was ‘light’, the piece was inspired by light sources found in the streets and spaces across New York City to cover the festival’s broad range of topics with everything from street meat to stocks. Design/Animation: Nicolo Bianchino Music: Jill DuBoff Tags: […]

Motionographer Showcase: Weird by Fausto Montanari

Posted October 8, 2018 by Joe Donaldson Today we’re happy to showcase the new film, Weird by Fausto Montanari produced at Lobster Synopsis “Weird” is a monologue about the diversity. It’s a scream of a girl, used to be judged as a weirdo and different. In the film, she gives voice to her sufferance, and she […]

Motionographer Discussing process with two of Pictoplasma NYC’s upcoming speakers

Pictoplasma is right around the corner so we wanted to take a minute to chat with two of the upcoming speakers, Sophie Koko Gate and Mike Perry. Year after year, Pictoplasma does a wonderful job curating its lineup to feature a wide range of techniques and disciplines. Sophie and Mike’s work is no exception!  What […]