Motionographer Insane – A word, a week

Not Real From the creator: Directed by: NotReal.tvProduced by: Creative Direction: Milton Gonzalez & Valeria MoreiroProduction: Roberto ConnollyArt Direction: Valeria MoreiroAnimation Direction: Milton Gonzalez Design: Luján Borzi, Milton Gonzalez, Valeria MoreiroStoryboard: Luján Borzi Animation: Milton Gonzalez, Roberto ConnollyAnimation assistant and cleanup: Joana Cabrera3D Character and rigging: Milton Gonzalez Compositing: Roberto Connolly Music and SFX: AhRe […]

Motionographer Closer than ever before

Editor’s note: We’re happy to kick off 2019 with an article by the ever-talented Filipe Carvalho. The motion design industry is constantly in flux and redefining itself but even with all the variables at hand, the odds are that you’ve enjoyed Filipe’s work at some point or another. Over the years Filipe has placed an imprint […]

Motionographer Metro Exodus

Elastic From the creator: Post ProductionDesign Studio: ElasticCreative Director: Andy HallLead Compositor: Shahana KhanAdditional Compositor: Daniel RaschkoCG Lead: Adam Newman3D Artists: Ian Ruhfass, Jun Kim, Phiphat Pinyosophon, Jose Limon, Mike BettinardiHead of 3D: Kirk ShintaniDesigners: Max Ulichney, James Levy, Henry DeLeonStoryboard Artist: Lance LeBlancProducer: Danny HirschPitch Producer: Meredith CherniackExecutive Producer: Luke Colson Head of Production: […]

Motionographer ŻUBROFFKA 2018 || International Short Film Festival Intro

ala nunu leszynska From the creator: I had a pleasure to create an intro for the 13th edition of Żubroffka International Short Film Festival 🙂Music by Ansso An : by Izabela Sroka : supervision by Kijek/Adamski : Tags: 2d, 2D animation, cel animation, experimental, festival Uploaded on Nov 27, 2018 • Posted […]

Motionographer Pause 2019 Motion Response

Pause Fest From the creator: The relationship humans have with technology is being redefined, and the divide betweenhumans and machines is getting increasingly narrower. We set off to explore thisrelationship from an intimate angle. Subtle. Suggestive. Elegant. Powerful.We did so by introducing a set of unconnected scenes that indirectly represent what goes oninside one’s body […]

Motionographer Dance, Dance Evolution

Aeon Video From the creator: Dance seems to be the ultimate frivolity. How did it become a human necessity? Directed and Animated by Rosanna Wan and Andrew Khosravani. Produced by Kellen Quinn. More on this video: more on Aeon: Uploaded on Nov 19, 2018 • Posted here December 13, 2018 by Joe […]