Motionographer Filmfest Dresden Trailer

robert loebel From the creator: I was honored to do the Trailer for the 31. Filmfest Dresden. is a city in East Germany, it´s the capital of Saxony and it`s my hometown. Sadly it`s constantly in the news because of bigotry and hate speeches. The Filmfest Dresden is one of the things I love […]

Motionographer WRC 2018

Onesal From the creator: We made the World Rally Championship 2018 promotion for the Japanese channel J Sports.  Produced by Onesal JapanClient: J SportsCreative Director: Nahuel SalcedoProducer: Ailin Brunner, Lucia Gutkin3D Artist: Jose CambariereSound Design: Dany Perez 制作会社: 株式会社ONESALクライエント:ジェイ・スポーツクリエイティブ・ディレクター: サルセド・ナウエルプロデューサー: ブルンナー・アイリン;グトキン・ルシア3Dアーティスト: カンバリエレ・ホセサウンドデザイン: ペレス・ダニ Uploaded on Feb 24, 2019 • Posted here March 29, 2019 by […]

Motionographer Nike Air Max Day 2019

Saiman Chow From the creator: I spent the past few months collaborating with the Nike team and Antfood on this old-skool, gabber-dancing, nostalgia-filled time capsule. Go inside some Air Max Icons to see what’s in the air when they were created. You know, the  90’s, the simpler era of Chumbawamba, dial-up modem and snake mobile […]

Motionographer Mitski: A Pearl

With a very appropriate title, “A Pearl” is a stunning music video showcasing beautiful storytelling and a unique combination of techniques. Motionographer spoke to the creators of this piece to get some insight into their process.  Art Camp is a creative studio founded by Santiago Carrasquilla and Jos Dias Contreras. They directed this project together with Saad Moosajee, a […]

Motionographer Ted Ed – How tall can a tree grow?

Doug Alberts From the creator: I had the incredible opportunity to be commissioned by my friends at TED-Ed to make a video accompanying their lesson, How Tall Can Trees Grow and the scientific reasoning behind it. You can view the full lesson here: Direction/Design/Animation/Music/Sound -Doug Alberts Lesson – Valentin HammoudiNarrator – Addison AndersonProducer – […]

The Moments – Mary Meduski

Dress Code From the creator: Agency: TBWA NY Produced by: Dress Code ( Executive Creative Director: Andre AndreevExecutive Producer: Brad Edelstein
Head of Production: Tara Rose StrombergDirector: Vincenzo LodigianiArt Director: Elena ChudobaDesign: Elena Chudoba, Rasmus Löwenbrååt, Sarah Orenstein, Connie VanAnimation: Sean Lattrell, Elaine Lee, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Rasmus Löwenbrååt, Andy Mastrocinque, Eddie SongVoiceover: Fred Kamel, Mary Meduski, […]